Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alma Mater

I've been subbing at my Alma Mater - L-A-F-A-Y-E-T-T--E-E-A-G-L-E-S. 

It's odd.

Do you ever have dreams about High School? 

I always dream about MY high school.  The three levels.  Being late for Spanish class on the third floor - the cafeteria in the basement.

About ten? years ago - they tore down the old part of the school and put up a new school..

It's really niceeee ...

There's only one teacher left from my old days - and the school counselor. 

 I was dropping off my sub key at the end of the day and on the counter were makeup slips - remember those - we had to have all the teachers sign them so we knew what to do because we were sick or whatever - and I looked at the make-up slip pad - and I thought "oh my.... that's the same thing we had in high school - exactly"

- and do you know what I did?

 I picked it up - and smelled it! 

Because I'm a freak!

And it reminded me of my teen years..  the old school...

The secretaries looked at me odd and started laughing and then, I laughed realizing how silly that was... 

I had a case of sensory impulse...

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