Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Foster Quilts

I'm a member of a Quilter's Guild.  I think I am the youngest member.  I'm not sure if every other member realizes I'm not fifty because when I brought a blanket I made for one of the girls a few years ago and another member asked me if I made it for my grandchild.

"I'm thirty-four."  I was confused and wore make-up for the next two weeks.

At last week's meeting, we decided to make quilts for kids in foster care.  This cause is dear to me.

Our organizer commented that many kids in foster care don't have a thing when they are rescued....  Sometimes, they only have the diaper they were wearing.  Wouldn't it be nice for them to have something of their own?  Something to keep them warm?  Something to snuggle with?

For one year, I did respite care for a brother and sister.  They spent Christmas with me and my family along with Thanksgiving and Easter....  They didn't have much...  That Christmas each had received a blanket - so soft - and I wondered who the secret angel was that put so much love in to their creation for two lonely little angels sitting under my tree.

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