Friday, October 1, 2010

Things I Do When I Sub

So - when I sub for the elementary school - there is not a lot of extra time.  I'm busy playing with kindergartners or giving sixth graders the look -

High School can be different - a lot of teachers give worksheets when a sub is there - and so - yeah - I walk around asking if the kids need help - give them the eye to keep them quiet  -

VERY Intimidating ---------------------- > right?

Also - I read.... look up.....  read...... walk around.......

Yesterday I memorized a poem from the preface of the book....  El Sonador  --- are you Impressed?

So la poesia
que acecha al poeta
Formulo preguntas
de respeustas inagotables.
 No elijo ninguna
y al mismos tiempo todas
si eres capaz...

I bet you're impressed.... Right?

Also - the past two weeks - I've almost finished a Christmas present for my bro-in-law....

Of course - it's always more fun to teach a lesson - but that can really be difficult - to make a lesson - and teach someone else how to teach it - I've been there - it's not easy!

I love when I get to learn something too.  In the "Shop Class," I've been subbing for - he's been giving me some History Channel movies entitled "Modern Marvels" - something I never would have picked out for myself - but find myself interested in learning!

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