Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shredded Cabbage

Last night, I called into Brent's...
"Say - do you have shredded cabbage?'

The young girl put me on hold.... 

"No sorry... no shredded cabbage here."

"Oh.  Bummer."

So...  I wondered this morning if they had cabbage heads (Guess who's bringin' cabbage to BethanY? ya - me!)  and if I should ask that.. so, I called back...

"Do you have heads of cabbage..?"

"Oh let me look"

She put me on hold again.  I danced to their  music was it "Do you know the way to San Jose?"  I think so.


We were in business!

I went into town - (let's pretend I showered first.)

And guess what??  They had ooodles of bagged cabbage.

I turned to the dear and exclaimed... "Lucky me!!!  You got shredded cabbage in this morning... You didn't have it last night."

"Oh."  She said confused.  "Last night, I only saw the bags of coleslaw - I didn't see the shredded cabbage."

And I smiled - "Well - I guess this is what I meant.... Shredded cabbage is the coleslaw mix."


Poor girl... I got the giggles at her expense.

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