Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Apple Blossom Dreams

Yesterday morning, I found myself under the big, pink apple blossom tree. It smelled like heaven. The bees were humming a familiar tune. I felt like I was a princess in a fairy tale.

Later that night, I grabbed Jason and lay under the tree and looked up. We could see the bees hopping from one flower to the next. The flowers were phenomenal.

Earlier that night, Jason ran into the house.

"Grab your camera."

He was waiting outside on his bike.

I hopped on mine.

We biked a half a mile down the rode only to see eight birds take off in flight.

"They're turkeys." he smiled.

"Turkeys are not that small." I countered. I'm an expert on Turkeys.

"They looked like turkeys on the ground. Turkeys can fly high, but I didn't know they could fly that high."

"But, they're too small to be turkeys."

"Do we have vultures in this area?"

How would I know. I'm only an expert on turkeys.

We biked home and ran to the bird book.

Turns out, they were Turkey Vultures.


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