Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sewing with Nancy part 3

After many months of obsessing over which embroidery machine to buy, I settled on a Janome from a mom and pop store in Fargo. They mailed it to me.

I set it up. My first project would be a sweatshirt for J. I put a corn cob in his armpit.

Oh well.

My next project I sewed a butterfly on a shirt for Natalie.

It was sewn together. She couldn' t even get it on.

At this same time, my sister moved into her new house. I was helping her move when I suddenly felt ill. I went into her basement, turned on the T.V. , and laid down on the couch.

There on the screen was a special Sewing with Nancy. Embroidery 101.

I begged my sister for a video tape.

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