Friday, June 20, 2008

My Left Hand

This week, I feel I'm making headway with the my left hand (AKA my health) . Tomorrow, I start with only one cup of coffee and nothing else. J. Bird told me he thought the coffee would be better all around than the Diet Coke. For once, I'm going to take his advice. He has an uneasy feeling about the chemicals in Diet Coke. And yup, tomorrow is the day. I will relish that one cup of coffee.

Christel would be so proud of me doing all of my exercises. This week, I've done my exercises 5 out of the 7 days. I rollerbladed. I walked. I swam. Of course, my swimming was the highlight of my week. Ironically, it did me in.

As I swam my laps, I thought about how strong I felt. My arms were getting a fabulous workout. I was finishing up my last laps when I noticed some boys swimming laps beside me.

"Hey, Bobbi." They called after me.


"Can we race you?"

I gave them a sideways grin and nodded. What's a lady to do?

The first time, all three of us pushed off. I won by half the pool. Thus, they asked if they could push off and me not.


Still, they lacked speed. SORRY, but a lady who drives a mini-van in sensible shoes beat them.

And then, the next two days, my muscles ached.
I lovingly took a break.

And so, today, I did my PT. And went for two walks. And ate sensibly. I feel great.

When we ate lunch at Pizza Hut, I only drank half my Diet Coke.

It's going to be just fine

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