Monday, August 9, 2010

93 degrees?

Dang - we have no air conditioning and that makes me very sad on a day like today.  Back when I was a kid, we didn't have air.  Know what we did?  We visited people with air.

To tell you the truth, I'm not as social as my mom.  I think visiting with people you see everyday for too long can get you in trouble - you just might end up talking about religion, politics, or something conterversial like "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND." 

 So this is my plan for the day.

1.  I made some really great Southern Tea.  So good.  I feel like such a super star.  I didn't even need the contraption I bought on clearance eight years ago.  The recipe is far easier than any extra small appliance. 

2.  Go to work.  I will work my lowly hour and fifteen minutes teaching reading concepts to some lovely high school students - and guess what?  There's air-conditioning there.

3.  Go home - grab the girls and spend one hour at the pool.  Any more and we just might melt!!!!

4.  Go home spread my body out on the living room floor and read, watch a movie, and drink tea.

5.  Eat a sandwich for supper.

6.  Go swimming.

Ta da!!!!

My whole day is planned....


dbkliv said...

Remember that being in the shade is usually 15-20' cooler than being in the sun. (Leave it to a sailor to know that!)

Do you open your windows and doors at night, to get the cool night air in the house?

ME said...

:) I love that. Thankfully, it cools off nicely at about 7 pm. ooooo nice breeze!

ME said...
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