Friday, August 27, 2010

Nat Came Home

Last night, Natalie came home from a Girl Scout adventure.  She went to Duluth saw the ships, saw Glensheen, took a boat tour of the harbor, and even spent the night in the Zoo.  We gave her $20 for her overnight trip...  this is what she brought back...

This girl knows how to spend money - I'm tellin' ya. 

After spending six days in the car with my little angel, (tongue in cheek) I was really hoping she was kind to her Girl Scout leader.  I was really hopeful Natalie would be grateful for the time Maureen spent planning the trip and taking the time to bring them on an ADVENTURE.... even if there was a little learning involved.

When Maureen dropped Nattie Bo Bo off, she took me aside and said "If only they were all Angels like Natalie, (I don't think she said that tongue in cheek) I'd go every week."

OK - so I'm bragging a little.  But sometimes, a parent REALLY  needs to hear her daughter is kind.  Because guess what?  An adolescent daughter isn't always so kind to her mum. 

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