Saturday, August 21, 2010

On Vacation

At this point, we should be rolling into town any minute.  I didn't write about going to South Dakota because John Tesh recommends against blogging about it or putting it on facebook or twitter.  I guess I could understand.  I'd hate to come home and find that someone has stolen Jason's car.

THAT would be a major bummer now, wouldn't it?  Anyways, it would be really easy to find car when it's stolen because Jason is constantly getting pulled over - I'm not sure why.  But, no doubt the cops would find it right away.

I'd hate to come home and find that someone has taken my used VHS collection.  You know the ones without a cover?   Now that would be a BUM MER!

MY life would totally be ruined without those....

Now...  another thing that I'd lose sleep over is the acrylic yarn that I've been collecting over the years...  I've been crocheting for the past eighteen years.  Yeah?  I'm not even ninety.  But - let's just say if someone came and took all of my acrylic yarn - I might have a heart attack.

Another thing, is maybe they'd trash the place.  Seriously now, if someone came in and trashed my place, it would probably look like they had cleaned it up a bit.  I'm seriously a number one slob!!


EDK said...

This is really funny, MN Lady. I enjoyed reading it. The car thing - well, it may not be the car the cops are focuing on, it may be Jason. It's that leather motorcycle jacket rep!

I love South Dakota as a vacation spot. Hope you had a wonderful time.

ME said...

Oh we did! Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I was giggling when I wrote it!