Wednesday, August 25, 2010


For some reason, I felt I knew my way around the Black Hills pretty well.  I did not feel a map was needed.  I could have not been more wrong.  Instead of taking 385 SE, I took 85 W and ended up in Wyoming.

When we stopped at Perkins, we saw they had a long line and decided to take our chances on the road.  (Never ever take a chance on the road)  As we drove out of Deadwood and headed into Lead, we admired the Black Hills. 

After about a half hour, I started wondering where all the advertisements were.  I had never heard of the towns "Four Corners" and "Newcastle" listed on the big green signs we passed. 

"Awww what the heck? Hmmm... I guess this is part of the adventure."

A voice came from the backseat... "Mom?  Are we lost?"

"No!"  I insisted.  We were not lost....  I hoped

We had admired the cliffs and beautiful trees. 

"Mom?"  Another voice came from the backseat.  "I'm hungry." 

"We'll find a place up ahead dear!"  I called back and smiled.

And then, we passed a sign...  I glanced sideways to Jason...  "Did that sign just say Wyoming?"

"aaaaa yeah - Welcome to Wyoming."

"Do we have a map somewhere?" 

Jason dug around our car and found our little tiny map.... 

"I think we should just turn around."

"But - dad?  I'm hungry...."


And so - I stopped at Four Corners.  We took a look around and only saw a post office and something that may have resembled a bed and breakfast?

We turned around.  For some reason, we thought we should just turn around.

The thing is - I had to go to the bathroom. 

A few miles down the road, I found a little gas station bar?  Because that's common?  Gas station bars are common.

I walk in and realize that I've just walked into some sort bikerish bar.

"Ummmm - May I use the bathroom?"  I ask the cowboy behind the bar?  There are four biker dudes/cowboys sitting at a table to my right and a biker couple to my left.  All six point the way to the bathroom.

On the bathroom door, there's a sign that reads "Payin' customers only."

As I'm leaving, I find a cooler with Coke and take two along with some M&Ms that are displayed in a glass case.  Next to the cash register a sign reads "BAD CHECKS = $35 or $.25 for the bullet." 

I pay in cash.

"Thanks!"  I call out as I leave.

"Anytime - Welcome- Have a great day!"  I get from all six customers as I walk out the door.

We drive back to Spearfish. 

There is no line at Perkins.  We eat lunch and take 385 this time and head southeast.

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