Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Back in '90, Tina decided she wanted to have a big slumber party.  She invited about fifteen girls to her mom's house and we crowded into her living room watching movies and eating munchies.  At about midnight, Tina stood in the front of the room and made an announcement.

"I have the  best idea ever!"  Her nose was wrinkled and she was smiling... she was a little hyper from all the Mountain Dew she had been drinking.

"You know those pumpkins everyone has all over their yards?"  She continued laughing...  "Let's take them all... And put them in front of the school"

"GREAT IDEA" we shouted.

So we piled into her early 80's Buick - all fifteen of us!  And hit the streets of Red Lake Falls.

We creeped down allies and side streets looking for respectable pumpkin bags left over from Halloween.

We made several loads that evening because - after all, Red Lake Falls is a respectable town with Halloween spirit - and plenty of leaf-rakers!

All in all, we gathered about twenty bags.

We had been stopped once by a local cop.

"Have you girls been drinking?"

"Naw...  smell our breath."  Tina blew her pizza breath all over the unsuspecting deputy.  

"Ok girls, you look a little suspicious.  You can go on your way...  stay out of trouble."

Ohh... little did he know the trouble we were stirring.

The next morning, all of the bags had been gathered up by the custodians and put through the incinerator.  We were dissapointed that there wasn't any news stories in the local Gazette or anything. 


There are only a few friends you remember the exact moment meeting them - like for instance - when I met Jason at the Plummer Dance... Tina is one of those friends I remember distinctly meeting.  She was on the band bus.  She had red hair, and she played the flute.  I thought she was marvelous.  Tina's imagination was big.  She laughed loudly and her eyes rolled when she talked to emphasize everything she was saying.  I remember just looking at her and smiling as she talked.  It was as if she was her own T.V. show.  I'm not quite sure why I haven't written more about Tina.  She's down right special.

She's one of those people who worked her way through school and became an English teacher of all things!  :)  I'd love to sit in on her classes and see how she runs her class because I bet they are fun!  Those kids have no idea the rebel that stands in front of their classroom!

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EDK said...

Girls gone wild, for sure! Heh heh.