Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am a Laura Ingalls Groupie

As a little girl, I loved Laura Ingalls.  I really really loved her.  I wanted my dad to call me Half-Pint.  But he just called me Bobbi like everyone else.  We'd watch the shows.  I read all the books.  I was in love the with everything Laura.  Once my mom and grandma took my sis and I to Walnut Grove.  Oh!  How I loved that.  

As I was planning the trip to the Black Hills, I saw De Smit, SD.  Ooooo... this was my chance to share my passion with the girls.  We don't have cable - so, the girls have never even seen Little House on the Prairie.  And well, I had somewhat been lacking on my groupiness of everything Laura...  I decided that this was my chance to get the girls introduced to Laura Ingalls.

While driving, we listened to Little House books on audio cd.   Jason enjoyed listening because Laura even meticulously describes how Pa built their house and even how he made bullets for hunting their food.  

When we got to De Smit, I was pretty pumped because, well, everything was so Ingallsish.  Parts of my past came alive for a book I had read at least twenty-five years ago.  Area teens showed us how the pioneers made hay logs to keep from freezing to death in the winter.  Also, they helped Allison and Natalie make their very own rope, corn cob dolls, and some sort of button toy.

We visited an old school house and Allie got to ring the bell and wear a sunbonnet.  OH!  How I wanted to buy her a sunbonnet!

 Natalie loved roping this "cow".  Even my little sceptic had a great time in the little town of De Smit.

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