Friday, September 3, 2010

7th Grade Art

I was just thinking about when I had to take Art class in seventh and eighth grade.  I was so nervous.  I remember thinking - "Oooo... I'm so bad at Art."

But -You wouldn't hear any of that.  Attitude was everything.  If I whined about my art abilities, Mrs. Piersol put a stop to it immediately.

I remember slowly drawing a self portrait and being surprised at the end result.  I remember asking Mrs. Piersol if she'd dock off points for me not adding the scar on my right cheek.  She said that I didn't need to add it if I didn't want to.  I loved that self-portrait.

I also remember making an elephant out of clay.  I remember working intently and focusing on the beauty of the elephant.  I remember her coming by and checking on me once in a while to see how it was coming along.  When I was done, we put it in the kiln. 

After those years, I found I loved art.  I found I wasn't as bad as I thought I was.

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