Friday, September 10, 2010


So - today I subbed.

Turns out it's not so bad.

We watched a movie - from the History Channel - and I was glad to see that the teacher had them take notes because that solved a lot of problems for me!

Also,  I must admit - it was nice to get home five minutes after my day at the school was done.

What I noticed at was how small the school was - Lafayette seemed so tiny. And the classes were small.  That was SO nice... I have to tell you.

I brought along some thread and crocheted while I watched the movie with the kids. 

I knew most of the kids from the pool.  And well, I guess - how do you not know kids after living in a town for about thirty years of my life.

I have a few days booked in the next month. Hopefully, there will be more coming up. I can bring my red bag with my crochet hooks and watch movies with kids - just like when I was a teenager.  Babysitting for that $1 an hour.

Well.... my rates have gone up! 

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