Wednesday, September 15, 2010


One of the funniest things in the world is when people get mad at others for wanting a certain type of weather.

Let's say I tell  someone that I like the rain - bad idea - there may be a farmer out there who's land is flooded, and they want the sun....  And boy - if that farmer didn't get ticked at me.

And I'm confused because me liking it rain doesn't cause it to rain...  so what's it to the farmer that I like the rain?

For some reason, it's like a personal insult.

My grandma once told my step-grandpa, "I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow - my emphasyma is acting up."  Ooooo did he get mad.

Didn't she know that there was a drought? And the river was drying up?

She turned to him...  "Well did you know that me liking this dry weather does not create it? "  I think she may have called him a dumbass....   She wasn't very soft-spoken or anything like that.  She was pretty blunt.

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