Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This weekend, I finally put my books away in the closet.  I threw out scrap paper from my Fosston Files and neatly packed them away for future reference. People! We even sat and ate our supper at the dining room table  For heaven's sake, we even said grace. Not the kind of grace that people shout "Amen!" midway through the grace - but the quiet, modest type that we memorized for everyday use.

Come Lord Jesus
Be our guest
and let these
gifts to you
be blessed.

I'm sure it could be more dramatic like...

Come Lord JEEESSSSUS - Amen!
BEeeeeee Ouuurrrrr Guesst

But I have to tell you - I'm not that sort of Christian.


So I was cleaning!  And we ate at the table for the first time since March -

For the love of cheese.... I even baked cookies and bread.


Safety-lady said...

Life is GOOD!

ME said...

It is so good!