Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sewing With Bobbi

Today, I got some fabric for a quilt I'm making for Allison for her Birthday?  for Christmas?  I haven't decided.... When I showed Natalie the first bit of fabric I had gotten she had said

"You're not making me a quilt for my birthday are you?"  Well...  I HAD been planning on it.  I suppose she's been thinking - "How many quilts does a girl need?"

Well - girlie as many as your mom and grandma make you.

Anyways..  this quilt is going to be a paper doll theme because Allison likes paper dolls.  

I hope it works out better than the 50s girl's dress I made Allie this morning - I'm not even going to show it to you - because it's that bad -  and a seam ripper is going to visit that project real real soon.



Edk said...

"Sewing With Bobbi" has a nice ring to it. Years before your time "Farmer" magazine, which Dad subscribed to, had a cooking corner just for girls called "Cooking with Gail." As undomesticated as I was/am, I pounced on that magazine each month to read the Gail corner.

Maybe you could start a "Sewing with Bobbi" for young girls and make a bundle. How? Hmm. I don't know - a book? a series of pahphlets? a video series? Might turn out to be the most lucrative teaching job you ever had.

ME said...

:) My grandma always made me video tape every episode of "Sewing with Nancy... I'm thinking about what you said - but of course - there's a twist - I'm not that good. said...

I'll bet you are. But even if not, it'll be great based on your personality. Just share your sparkling smile and friendly narrative and no one will notice a few misplaced stitches.