Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Nat is getting braces.  We made the trip eastward to this little town called Fosston...  maybe you've heard of it?  Anyways....
She sat in the front seat - because she's tall enough to sit in the front seat.  And she played with the rodeo while I drove. We ate at DQ with a former co-worker.  Natalie met some of my former students.

Between appointments, we went to the fabric store where we considered fabrics for multiple friends who are having babieeeeessss.....  Natalie helped me with her expert opinion of color coordination.

On our way home, we grabbed a blizzard - she the small, me the mini.

And I realized, how lucky I am.  For the next 18-24 months, it'll be just us two - making our monthly visits to Fosston  - singing along with the radio, eating blizzards, picking out fabric, and maybe sharing a thing or two about our lives.


dbkliv said...

When she first gets her braces put on, be sure to bring Advil, a bottle of water, and something easy to eat. The banana should be easy enough to eat despite her teeth being tender.

Hopefully her teeth aren't too out of whack. I had braces from 3rd grade to 10th or 11th grade, and had them off for about 18 months total during that time.

ME said...

We're expecting to get them on around her birthday - the 7th of November - they'll stay on for two years...

Thanks for the advice. I didn't remember you had braces for that long.