Friday, September 3, 2010

Messages on my Voicemail

There comes a time as a mom when you start sharing your phone with your daughters.  I don't usually let my girls talk too long on the phone because talking to long on the phone can only lead to two things

1.  Oversharing- telling people too much about yourself - Too Much Information.

2.  Gossip - telling people too much about others.

Yesterday, I hadn't noticed that Nat had been on the phone for an hour - so, I did what any normal mom would do.  I unplugged the phone chord since I couldn't find her anywhere.  She must have redialed not taking the hint because she never reappeared.  After ten minutes, I found the other phone and said "Nat - I need you - say goodbye." 

She came inside.  She had been outside in the rain.

I took the phone and listened to see we had voicemail. 

"HELLOOOOOOOO..... This is Lilllyyyy for Allie..... I wrote a song and wanted to sing to Allie." 

Next message..

"oooooo  yeah rainbows.  Puppies."  It was Lilly singing her song to Allie.

Third message....

"Bobbi?  This is your mom."  Click

Fourth message

"This is Halle calling for Natalie"  pause  "I have something very very very important to share with Natalie.  I JuST got to tell her...... "  pause  "You know, you can just pick up the phone and talk - it'll turn off the answering machine..."  I've tried explaining to Halle that we have voicemail not an answering machine - so that doesn't work.  But she says this every time she leaves a message.

Allie called Lilly and discussed their band.  I called my mom back and told her about the prayer service I had attended.  Natalie called Halle back and heard about the Very Very Very important message Halle had.

When we were finally off the phone, I never checked the voicemail for more messages.

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