Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My First Friend At College

I didn't want to tell my seniors this, but  I was MISERABLE my first months at college.  I had a horrible room mate, a horrible job, and I missed my mommy.

I was a transfer student.  I was slightly older than the girls on my floor.  One girl two doors down hated my guts and made fun of my Lee Jeans.

Again - I was miserable.

My first quarter was hopeless.  I don't remember meeting anyone.  I did know a few girls from town and hung out with them once in a while, but to tell you the truth, I was lonely.

The only class I even remotely liked was Spanish 301.  It wasn't because I studied every night and practiced conjugating verbs.  My professor was kind and funny. 

I remember taking a test.  We had to translate Spanish into English.  There was a question about Belden going into a spaceship.  I remember thinking. "Hmmmmm.... that's odd.  What an odd name for Profesor Hall to make up."

One day, I decided to go to the twelve o'clock class instead of the eleven o'clock class.  I sat in the back of the room while Profesor Hall went about the lesson. And he called on a guy named Belden.  I looked up from my paper and there was a red brown headed kid with a trench coat. - He had these brown boots - not cowboy boots - but like work boots you'd find at Fleet Farm.

I thought "That is an actual name of an actual student. - well  -  this kid looks like a weirdo..."

And that weirdo became one of my dearest friends.

When I told him about the girl who lived two doors down who didn't like me, he said "What's her problem?  Well, she has a pig nose anyways."  From then on, we called her pig nose - but not to her face.  He had all kinds of nick names for people on campus there was Big Gulp, Curly Head, Sleazy Dave, and of course, Pig Nose.
I'm not sure how we ended up being friends - but Belden and Bobbi were kind of like the Lenny and Squigy of Spanish class. 

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