Thursday, September 9, 2010

Momma Morning DJ

The first two mornings of school were a bear.  Natalie moves very slowly in the morning.  Allison is a little grumpy.

I turned to Jason and said "Is this what I've been missing the past two years when I left for work?"

"No dear, it's special for you."


This morning, it started - Allison started picking a fight with me.  I didn't bite   On the fly, I came up with a back- up plan.

I turned on the itunes and started Sexy Chick in my pink fuzzy robe. 

Allison's 'tude melted right away, and her smile came out under the crossed eyebrows. 

Natalie was still looking at herself in the mirror.  I heard singing softly...

Next on my playlist was "Kung Fu Fighting"

The girls started laughing. I actually heard laughter from the halls of the Aakhus in the morning!

Eventually, the girls got to the end of the driveway in time to thumb a ride from the man who drives the yellow bus. Smiles in tow.

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